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Hi, I'm Peter

Peter Astbur Portrait

An avid designer, entrepreneur and tennis enthusiast

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Introducing ideas of mine into the world and seeing them make a genuine difference to people became a natural goal of mine from the beginning of my design training. I have always seen myself as an entrepreneurial individual with a very determined attitude. This, in combination with my love of public speaking, finally compelled me to take the plunge and pursue my products in a business sense. I am currently seeking R&D funding for my product, Grace

BBC Radio Leicester Interview


My interest in design lies in developing well refined solutions for both digital and physical products. I create deliverables that carefully balance user and business needs - being useful and enjoyable experiences whilst maintaining strong commercial viability.


I approach tennis in a tactical way, much like my design work. Satisfying my competitive nature, I frequently play and compete at my local club in London. I also teach tennis, having had various part-time coaching jobs on the UK's south coast as well as sunny Pennsylvania, USA for three summers.

Tennis in Lougborough


Pete was a key member of the project team on two very important high profile strategic projects which he executed brilliantly. So much so, he was invited to deliver a speech alongside the project lead at the World Usability Congress.

I wish I had a job opening as I'd love to work beside Pete again, but I will have to content myself instead with this recommendation.

Pete will be an asset to any organisation. His intelligence, design skills, work ethic and all round niceness will make him a fantastic hire, and I have no doubt he is going to go very far. I look forward to watching the next stage of his career with interest.


Director of Design & User Experience,


Peter delivered a superb talk at World Usability Congress 2016 on how to design modular systems, based on his work at The Telegraph.

He very clearly articulated the context, framed the problem, and broke down the process and methodology of how he and his team approached modular design.

Equally impressive were the interactions I had with him throughout the conference where I found him to be incredibly cordial, sharp, and genuine. A great speaker, design thinker, and all-around great guy, I hope that I'll have the opportunity to collaborate with Peter in the near future!


VP of UX at Macy's. Ex Apple, Samsung, Paypal, Ebay

Pete is a hugely talented designer and one of those people who just gets it. And what's more, he's a lovely chap.

He played an important role on several high profile, complex projects and was never fazed by any of the challenges he took on. He was constantly learning new skills and techniques along the way. He's curious and not afraid to ask difficult questions, making him a great problem solver.

Pete is great at communicating and presenting his ideas, he's passionate and clearly cares about the work he does. He has a really bright future ahead and he'd be a huge asset to any organisation. I hope we get a chance to work together again in the future.


Senior UX Designer,

Ministry of Justice

Pete is a highly talented experience designer who delivers refined solutions that deftly realise complex business problems and opportunities for digital services. Pete is one of those calm, passionate and approachable people you want on your team. He is a fantastic collaborator and listener, able to absorb and come back with rational plans of action and thorough yet lean deliverables. Pete developed a comprehensive skill set of evidence-driven UX in an agile environment. He learnt to grasp a challenge holistically to meet the sweet spot between business, technology and customer needs.  This has formed a rock solid foundation for his undoubtedly successful future career; I can’t recommend him highly enough.


Lead Experience Designer,


With close to 500 employees, contractors and business partners who work with Camps Equinunk and Blue Ridge each season, over his years at camp, Pete Astbury is an absolute stand out. While Pete’s work ethic, staff management ability and dedication to our campers is exemplary, it is his strength of character that truly sets him apart.  Pete genuinely cares about the individual successes of the children he works with and the staff he supervises; ensuring to give his personal attention to each in helping them reach their goals.  Pete’s qualities of true professionalism, ingratiating warmth, kindness, eternal optimism and strong morals will continue to shape the gentleman he is and professional work he accomplishes.


Director, Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge

Pennsylvania, USA

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